Faculty Report E-mailer

This is a simple Excel Sheet based form creator and emailer. As of this time (Dec 2008), no failsafe functionality has been implemented. If your e-mails do not work, you may not get a notice. Make sure with your students that they are getting their grades properly. This server does not store any files, so make sure to keep your own backups! There is no way to e-mail only one or two students - it is either all or nothing. Given that, it is an excellent tool for quick form creation and e-mailing. Looking for the TA Lab Grading Report Emailer? Go here. If you are looking for the Mass E-mailer, Go here.

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Sample Excel Sheet:

Sample Excel Spreadsheet Image

The first row must contain titles and the first 3 columns must contain the Last Name, First Name and E-mail Address respectively. You may include as many other columns with whatever Titles and Values you choose. The outcome will be an e-mail as follows:

Sample sent e-mail (actual text from last student's message):
To: ee@wisc.edu
From: shorb@wisc.edu
Subject: *subject as entered above*

*text as entered above* Specifically for you, Eddy Epsilon:

Last Exam:: 96
Comment: Please send your project asap.
Overall Grade: B

If you need anything, email me,
*instuctor name as entered above*